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A good day - 23/13

A slow start to the day, eagerly awaiting my 'Christmas present'. Purchase myself a new MacBook and iPhone (not the latest) but I need ti upgrade my aging setup.

Did some shopping today, I got myself a Bonsai tree - first living plant I've bought for myself to put inside my flat. I'm happy about it - funny, I'm more happy about it than my recent tech purchases. I also purchase a new cotton shirt, some semi-formal dress shoes and for the first time, some perfume. 2 kinds, one has a light cinnamon smell. Perfume should tell a story, more than just a 'fresh' smell.

Got my new workstations setup and configured, went out for a bite to each and could only find fast food places. Visited McDonalds, the first time in a long time - grabbed a small fries and a Strawberry McFlurry... meh.

My conversations with the women are still quite short. The one referred to as Apple still says the customary 'good morning', etc but I'm wondering why since we don't talk often nor does she respond to many of my messages - it's somewhat confusing. How we met is a story for another time.

I took the advice of someone, to just drop a 'thinking of you' type message. I did that to another lady friend, she's a bit older and quite successful too. Extremely sweet, and has a nice 'southern accent'. She was quite happy to receive this message, though conversations are still quite short.

I think things are trending upwards, even if the curve is 'below the line' - progress is progress.

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