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Falling behind - 21/12

It seems I'm falling behind in my own schedule. I intended on taking some time off (though I suspect I'd most like start on a new AI project with some great potential).

I was not able to do alot of work today, ran a few errands, got a radiator picked up for my bike (from an accident the past Halloween night). They added a new core, unfortunately flipped one of the sides so now the radiator cap is at the bottom of the radiator instead. Fun.

A client Y, needs a few features added - the previous developer left some bugs that's been published and used for several months, discovered this yesterday. We're addressing this with a few additions/updates for a release this week. Trying to find the willpower to continue working on this, at 2am.

Landlord's "partner" really wanted me to go with him on a bike ride this weekend. They had a bit of a falling out not too long ago, but she still sticks with him, they're old. He is mid 50s, she is up to or close to 80, but in great shape - she is hard working, him not so much. She says, he needs to be 'mothered'. I give people the benefit of the doubt, but my respect for him is waning.

Spent the night having a bbq, trying to talk with some online friends and all in all wasting time - I have no mood/will to work. Strongly considering going to bed and trying fresh in the morning.

I am a bit nervous at the change in mood/will to work, from one day to the next. Hmm...

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