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Mondays - 8/1

Had a late start this morning, unfortunately missed a barber's appt since I overslept. Alarm goes off and you have barely enough brain power to open eyes never mind figure out how to turn off an alarm. He's a great guy, I feel horrible for having missed it since I try to stick to schedules and times. I should make it up to him somehow.

Looks like I have a busy day ahead, catching up on yesterday's work and starting off a new project today.

Let's see how the day progresses.


Oh, almost forgot to mention - my turmoil and distress about 'Apple' has dissipated somewhat - time heals - though there is still a little something there. I feel confident in saying I can find a friend in her - which is where I'd like to be (not referring to 'the friendzone', just a friend, this creates a foundation). My distress came from uncertainty of self, I don't know who I am and I am unable to find manner to convey who I am. A salesman cannot sell a product he has not yet seen nor understands what it is or how it works. I need to find out who I am first.


So, work I've done on one project seems to have been for nothing as I have to redo alot of it. This is an unfortunate set back, and I've given myself too little time but it's a challenge I'd like to take on though willpower is quite low. Maybe some rest will bring back the eagerness.

I spent a a bit of time with friends, had a good chat and a good laugh. Though this is mostly virtual, I'd like to get 'out there' more. My current town is too quiet, I need to make a move.

Spoke to 'Apple a bit', she said I was 'sweet'. Caught me off guard, I hear too many times women say "you're so sweet" which does not bode well for the guy. Though I'd like to convince myself she is different, certainly seems that way I do not have a good sample size to go off of.

Maybe I'm blinded by what I see and hear, she is attractive but that's not what makes me think of her. Barely a day goes by without her popping into my mind, and it started after she showed some interest. Now, if I don't hear from her once a day, or hear her voice it feels the day is not complete.

Am I overthinking this? Do I need a holiday... Maybe.

Anyway, tomorrow is going to be an interesting day, and I need to get all the rest, energy and willpower together for tomorrow.

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