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Weird day 22/12

Started off the day late, only went to be at 4. 'Apple' had sent me her usual good morning message, though changing it a bit to 'morning handsome'. I'm not sure what to make of this - so many questions: is it genuine, is it out of pity, is it now 'routine'... I don't know - not sure if I really want to know. It's throwing me off, it's a distraction.

Recently I've put aside my morning workout routine I've stuck to for a few months - is that a bad sign? I've got a membership to a CrossFit club, I've attended 3 classes in 3 weeks...

Started off my day with a thin pizza - sets the standard. Later, had some JW Double Black, 1/2 a tumbler. Then another, and another and one more. I wasn't feeling particularly bad, I was more curious what would happen after the 'euphoric' stage. It was a most unpleasant. Somewhat disorientated, slow reflexes but can still reason with good cognitive function, just had to focus more than what would be a naturally easy task.

Very little work done. Very distracted and probably got 'drunk' for the first time in my life. I need to get back on track!

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