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Work hard, play hard 19/12

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Had an interesting day - with a late start.

Resolved to put in quite a number of hours work, looking to make up some lost time for the past while I've taken a break from 'the grind'. Planned on a 12 hour work day, got to 11. It keeps me quite busy, leaving little room for distractive thoughts. Work time, etc. is starting to recover again - which is good.

Spent a bit of time with some friends on a game called Valheim with, a recent "interest", let's call her Apple. I have absolutely no idea where I stand in this charade. I loved some had shown interest out of the blue - it feels undeserved. Though, this attention (after many years) has opened Pandora's box of heartache, loneliness, confusion and various surpressed emotions.

I need a holiday from myself.

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