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A low day - 22/1

Honestly, I did not have a good day.

It felt off, started off low, ended off somewhat low too.


It seems the days I feel low is preceded with a lack of social interaction, be it intended by myself or "others" (i.e. everyone's busy).

At age 29 (staring 30 in the face), I can't believe I still need to learn this intricacies about myself.


I uhm... I got McDonalds again. For all the insight I think I have and progress I've made, I still revert to some old habits. Namely, if I feel down, I get myself some food hoping it would "help". It doesn't. You'd think I'd have learnt it by now. I need to find out why it is the case if I'll be reverting to it or simply not find myself in such a position.


I still feel lonely.

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