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A strong will - 20/1

I like to be in-front, I like to lead. I find myself gravitating to those positions. I'm a proud man. However, when the challenges comes, I revert back to brute strength. Once that finishes, I'm left flat on the ground, no energy and become a liability.

We did a tough hike yesterday, it was brutal - high temperatures, ontop of a mountain and ran out of water at the most difficult part.

I was too proud to ask someone to take the lead, my inner dialogue said there should be a pillar and someone to lead the way, why can't that be me. Though when the downhill came as an early exit to the gruelling challenge, I faltered and failed. I had to stay back and had to accept help.

If I don't lend any value there is not point me being there and I found myself in that position.


Dipped early on a get together, severely sunburnt, severe rash on legs, muscle cramps & pains and some wounds that needed cleaning.

The day certainly didn't go as planned, it was not a fun day but one I'd look back on with a healthy fondness and respect, for myself and others.


Went out for dinner, nothing much to say.

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