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Catching up - 11/1

The past 2 weeks, work backlog has been adding up - it's a rarity but does happen. It affects relationships, professional and social. Today is a day for clearing some of this.


I spent a large portion of the day working. Today was a good day. I did not socialize much today, to fulfil this obligation I joined some friends in a voice chat.

Enjoyed some good food, some good company, a good amount of work done and backlog is getting cleared - today was a good and productive day.


'Apple' is not longer on my thoughts as much. It has been a difficult time, I have to accept that it may be a 'fleeting fancy' as it were though a part of me wishes there could be more. In all honesty, I have no idea what to say, or how to get to know her better. I'll just give it time, maybe something will blossom.

Until then, work, save and experience new things.

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