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Fresh air - 13/1

Struggled to sleep during the night - restless but not excited. Going for a mountain climb today. My brother is eager to invite others', the prospects of which I don't mind but some I'm not overly fond of - they tend to make discussions religious or attempt to give wisdom whether asked for or not. Nevertheless, it should be a fun outing.


It does bother me, if texts go unanswered/responded to. Maybe they don't always deserve a response, but there should be some consistency in whether they go unresponded or not. The inconsistency is what bothers me. Maybe it is just me? I find myself reaching out frequently but getting nothing but a stonewall. Having been in such scenarios myself, I try to respond as appropriately as possible but might not always feel the intended way. Hmm... I might be getting back what I've given?

Well, let's see how they days progresses.


It's been a great day.

Had a fantastic climb, ~2.4Km up to 550m height with ~1hr climb time. I'm proud of myself.

Received some good advice from an 'old' friend. Still processing it a bit, will have better insight later on.


Spent some time with friends, caught up with an 'old' from from Croatia, she originates from Serbia and had an interesting background - genuinely nice person, very quirky. Always fun to talk to.

A good day - tomorrow is back to work.

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