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Hard work and rewards - 10/1

Didn't have much sleep, yet feel somewhat rested. Reminds me of the time I was grinding 18-22 hours per day on a project (that ended up failing, due to my inability to focus). Hmmm, I should revisit that idea again - I believe the potential is there to help many men in various states of turmoil get out of their shell (ultimately, it is up to them to improve).

I slightly expected a message or 2 from 'Apple' this morning, non was found. I'm a little surprised, but not bothered by it.

I intend to focus on work, making progress and catching up on a work backlog set back by several issues / blockers.

Having worked our 2 x yesterday, I feel in better shape and am happy for it - I intend to continue with this routine.


I neglected to mention, around 21h00 yesterday I started feeling very upset, sad, disheartened and genuinely need a good friend to talk to. This isn't the first time it has happened, nor will it be the last. I wanted a break, I wanted some respite.

I got up, started working out. Took a shower and came back refocused.

Just want future my future self to know that. You are your own source of happiness and contentment, frustration and anger, or sadness and despair. You choose how to deal with it.


I had a somewhat pleasant day, though some trouble with work projects persist. Went out for a bit, grabbed a drink and did some work. I finished off the day with a meeting, and a temporary solution to a project mostly done tonight.

I expect to make some good progress tomorrow - I look forward to what opportunities will appear.

Chatted with a few friends, some have of which I haven't heard from in a while. A woman from Taiwan who I've known for a few years had a similar childhood, but when a different direction. An intelligent and resourceful woman, gave me some travel advice.

To the future.

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