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Pushing boundaries - 5/1

Woke up a bit later than expected, need to get back into routine again. A welcome message from 'Apple' had taken away the need for coffee.

I broke a cardinal rule, I shared an excerpt of this diary with 'Apple' (a snippet from day 2/1/23) - I had to take a chance and express my feelings. Hesitation, apprehension and a fear of rejection were my thoughts. Though, I'm glad I have done so - I will have clarity on where I stand.

Should be an interesting day.


Midday Update

I am happy and content.


Today was a productive day, though I did not finish all I set out to - it was a successful day and one to be happy about. I hope for many more of these to come.

Something on my mind my plans: past (up to), present seem to be broken/needs attention. My plans for the future is a fantastical idea only - in the next few days or weeks I need to revisit, revise and improve upon my plans for the future.

I am unsure if I'd like to stay in the 'tech' industry, due to it's limited potential and influence. Technology is a tool, it is the hammer used by the craftsman to fashion a masterpiece. A hammer can be beautifully made (which might be a masterpiece for someone else) but I am no carpenter.

I need to 'get back to basics'.

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