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The Challenged, the Resolute and the fence - 3/1

It is curious to observe the point where a purposed decision falls along the way side. The point when the grit, high spirits and reinforced mindset cultivated in the last moments of the year past are set against that of the new year. The first set of challenges, the initial filter seems to highlight those resolutions made in haste, backed by word only. I guess even these resolutions could be followed, as long as one keeps trying every day.

I stayed up to fairly late last night/this morning, with the hopes of filling up my need for emotional / social contact reservoir. I was disappointed - though the fault was mine. I had thus missed my alarm, missed my wake-up time, overslept, wasted time catching up on the unnecessaries of the day and will be reporting to work late. Yet, my mind has been side-tracked, disrupted by a lack of intimacy, not only of companionship, but friendship. Still I still seek validation, support, inclusion by those who do not seem to feel the same. I should live for myself, work for myself and respect myself and not for someone else. I purpose to refocus on personal growth, mindfulness and self-respect.

We shall see what challenges the day brings.


Had a good work day - though still have to finish up a project. Spent a bit of time with some friends - not much to say but in somewhat good spirits and a better overall attitude.

Hopefully I'm able to retain the positivity.

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